These places are located at a distance of 200-250 km and are rich in culture, heritage, Compare the best Hotel Rates for 2019 and history. One gets to see many marvels on this tour. Delhi, Compare the best Hotel Rates for 2019 Agra, and Jaipur, Compare and Compare and Save on Car Rentals and Search Save on Car Rentals Save on Car Rentals when joined on a map, Cruises and Bargain Travel Insurance for 2019! form a triangle, Compare the best Hotel Rates for 2019 and hence the trips encompassing the three cities are famously referred to as the Golden Triangle Tour India.

image class="left" url=""Avoid travel during a major event such as The Olympics. For example, when the Sydney 2000 Olympics were being staged I travelled to New Zealand. Also there were no queues at any tourist attractions which makes your holiday so much more enjoyable. The number of tourists visiting New Zealand was at a low point and I booked some very good bargains and had the pick of hotels.

Around mid February there used to be a Festival called Lupercalia. Now I believe that if we go further back to the Greeks we can find examples of big festivals and the same type of open air festivities associated with Carnival. It is described as a circus like festival. So here is a first link. Take a trip back in time to the Roman times. When Roman began to accept Christianity the pagan festivals were modified to become a part of the Christian calendar. Think of Bachus and celebrations of wine etc.

It is generally accepted that our original ancestors came from Africa and spread gradually to take over the whole World. Whilst they may not seem to link directly to Carnival masks in style and structure the traditions behind them do link. It is generally recognised that Africa is the home of diverse masking traditions. To take things back even further.

The hotel The Leela Goa is located very close to the famous Palolem beach . Leela Goa Located in south of Goa, This 100 acres of resort is beach facing and has world class facilities in terms of food and beverage outlets , recreational activities . The resort has more than 200 rooms and suites . Summer and the monsoon season is a low occupancy period for the resort and the rates are slashed down by 30 % in comparison to the winter rates.

The resort is ocean facing and has more than 200 rooms and suites, Search the hotel has a children activity area with a children pool and also numerous outdoor and indoor recreational facilities. The resort is extremely popular with the wedding planners due to the size of the open areas in the hotel. Taj Exotica: The most premium of the Taj hotels in Goa is the The Taj Exotica Goa located in the south of Goa.

Taj Holiday Village: Located adjacent to Compare the best Hotel Rates for 2019 Taj Fort aguada Beach resort,, Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village Goa this cottage structured resort is one of the most popular hotels in north Goa; the highlight of the hotel is the beach facing cottages which are only six in number. The resort also has one bedroom / two bedroom villas, the recreational activities and the spa are shared in a common area with the Taj Fort aguada Beach resort, The Thai restaurant -Banyan Tree is extremely famous with the locals as well as the tourists.

I have covered a great deal in a very short space. And maybe bitten off more than I can realistically substantiate. The links between the traditions in all parts of the world hold common elements. Every time I read about the background to masking, asque and Masquerade I find that these factors stand out. If we accept our common ancestry then it makes sense.

The second destination of the Golden triangle tour India, Agra is home to one of the wonders of the world. Food enthusiasts can savor their taste buds with the `Agra Ka Petha
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