image class="left" url=""Boston is virtually a city of abundance - both in historical as well as cultural aspects. The noteworthy contributions that the Boston residents made to the emergence of the US can never be overlooked. No doubt, Massachusetts is known all over the globe for its picturesque historical and cultural interests, Boston still is mostly the beginning point of the tours of many a visitors, for numerous reasons.

For tourists, who plan to explore the Boston destination, there some well-known 'top spots' to be visited!

First-time visitors to Boston, aiming to take a peek at its historical opulence, can go around the various historical spots, and spend a few days absorbing the unique experience.

In the North End is the humble abode of Paul Revere - the place where he commenced his ride from! Another place worth-visiting is the Old South Meeting House, which was the meeting place of revolutionary leaders John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and James Otis; and held protest meetings that ultimately brought about the American Revolution.

The famous burma tourist destinations in the downtown area include - the Old State House, now called the Museum of Boston History; Park Street Church and Granary Burial Ground. In addition, the downtown area also boasts of a number of museums, chief among then being the Museum of Fine Arts. The world-class museum houses invaluable treasures from all around the globe - including sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts. The museum also has the world's biggest Monet collection, excluding that found in France.

The Government Center in the north is worth a visit too - it houses the JFK Federal building and City Hall, along with the 1740s-constructed Faneuil Hall, which served the twin-purpose of a public house and market.

To enjoy the view of the famous lighthouses in Boston, a trip to the Boston Harbor is also among the key places to visit - and booking a boat or cruise enhances the experience all the more! Though most of lighthouses are closed to public visits, you can plan a trip to the world-famous, 1793-constructed, Boston Light!

Talking of parks and zoos, Boston houses the most outstanding of them in the whole of the US, with Franklin Park Zoo being the most prominent in the area. Spread across an area of 72 acres along the Franklin Park Road, the zoo - founded in early 1900s - is a home to as many as around 200 different species of animals.

One of its more extraordinary offerings of the Franklin Park Zoo - visited by millions of tourists every year - is its singular gorilla exhibit, which habituates lowland gorillas behind viewing stations made of glass. The extraordinary exhibit allows the visitors to catch a glimpse of the gorillas.

Coming to the plentiful Boston parks, while the Common is considered the oldest park open to the public in the US; it is the Fenway Park that is considered a must-visit park, largely because of it being home of the Boston Red Sox!
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