Colorado Springs Microdermabrasion Skin Care May Do Wonders For You

The world of skin care has experienced a revolution over the past several years, and one of the single most popular techniques to come out of that drastic time of change is microdermabrasion. Often touted as a type of immediate facelift, the real benefit with this procedure is that it provides great results without the costs involved with many other popular procedures throughout Colorado Springs. Microdermabrasion is essentially a way to strip away the top layers of skin, and there are many reasons you may want to consider it.

The Benefits

Any time you break up part of the skin, the body thinks it has been injured, so the lost skin cells are quickly replaced by new ones. Initially, Abzocke this can create a bit of redness on your skin or even some slight swelling, but the after effects are fairly amazing. The actual surface of the skin changes, creating a new, smooth look. Acne, blackheads, lines, and even sun damage can disappear, and you might even find that your typical lotion regimen really has a chance to work better. When done on a regular basis, it can change the way skin grows, helping to get rid of deep blemishes. That makes it the perfect treatment for those who fight with clogged pores on a regular basis. If, however, you have any open sores, you suffer from rosacea, you fight with problem capillaries on your face or you have herpes, this probably isn't the right treatment for you.

Understanding the Process

In most day spas in Colorado Springs, microdermabrasion is performed with a specialized machine. Attached to the end is a wand like object that shoots small particles at your skin. Often something like sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride is used. It also has a vacuum attached to it, and that is used to grab the crystals that are applied as well as the skin cells that are coming off. Additionally, it pulls parts of the skin up to work on them. The entire procedure typically lasts just thirty minutes, and it can be repeated every ten days if you wish. The procedure itself does not hurt.

Keep in mind that if it's performed incorrectly, bruising and discoloration are possible. If the treatment is too much for your skin, permanent discoloration can occur. After the procedure, your skin might feel a bit sunburned, and it's fairly natural to experience some peeling as well. Make certain you apply moisturizer and sunblock for up to a week after the procedure.
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