It was a lazy Sunday evening, when I was relaxing at home and thinking about, what should be my next blog post? I was doing some research on TV Commercials and across this new American Tourister ad; it immediately caught my attention as I personally own a red American Tourister duffle and a suitcase. Do you people remember the earlier one which involved a foreigner's experience in crowded Mumbai Local Trains? I thought it was hilarious and very true at the same time. I travel regularly by local trains and can honestly say that the ad captures the situation very nicely. From my personal experience, it is true that American Tourister bags can survive the worst conditions and still keep your belongings safe.

Coming back to the new TVC, this one takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. One can easily see the beauty of Istanbul in the ad, as it is the largest city in Turkey. The location of the ad clearly brings out the cultural richness of Istanbul. It describes an Indian myanmar tourist as he gets caught in the bustling city and finds that his bag is being stolen. It's a hilarious chase and finally the man gets his precious belongings back, thanks to a kind old Turkish man who foils the thief's attempt of running away with it. This ad displays a lot of creativity because it mixes humor and fact very nicely. We all know how travelers face a lot of similar problems in all major cities in the world and to keep your wits in such issues is a very uphill task. I remember the time when I was in Jakarta and had an intense experience in crowded market-places, although Indonesia is a fine country. My bag and I were pretty roughed up but to my surprise the contents in the bag were safe as if the crowd had not even disturbed it. I recommend these bags to anyone who travels abroad or in India itself because they keep your belongings safe while traveling. The advert is awesome and you can watch it here.
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