Quickly tighten the hose and then purge another line. Federal law also requires the installing of R-134a fittings on the high and low service ports to reduce the chance of refrigerant cross-contamination the very next time the automobile is serviced, and labels that identify the system has been converted to R-134a. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to receive a lot more facts concerning ´╗┐Air Condition - Sasisa.Ru, kindly go to our webpage. As an example, a restriction and a poor compressor could occur together. Cars ordered with the brand new "Weather Condition

The A/C System evaluation price will be credited to the expense of your system repair or recharge service packages. Generally where the system has sustained a converter failure, the inlet screen of the orifice tube quickly gets plugged with debris. The electric side controls the refrigeration side. These must interact to cool the vehicle. Trust Pep Boys to judge your ac system and provide an improved service.

If no leaks or damage are observed, they evacuate the refrigerant from the system, vacuum test drive it, and recharge the air con system using the appropriate refrigerant according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

When an ac stops working or does not cools well, we have to learn the problem. Stay cool. The theory caught on, though, and by 1969, over fifty percent of all new cars were sold.
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