microsoft.comKarishma Kapoor, well-known Bollywood actors is elder sister of Kareena Kapoor. Kareena kapoor has acted in a number of movies. She has been largely popular on various fronts. Called as "Bebo" by her nickname Kareena Kapoor has her origin from Punjabi Descent. In order to know get these wallpapers you are able to just discover their whereabouts on Google.

In bodyguard movie Kareena look very beautiful where she worn salwar suit. You can also sort through net to get chammak chalo wallpapers. In this movie, she gets appeared hot in various styles. You can download these wallpapers free. Whatever be her image she has been applauded within the movie largely. Kareena Kapoor is younger daughter of Randhir-Kapoor and Babita.

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