Curly hair is sexy and everyone can wear it. They have a look that goes with any occasion. A wedge cut which has short layers in the back and long layers in the front will tame your curls. That said, I maintain my own hair between proper haircuts, and half the time I just go haphazardly at it with a pair of scissors trimming off the bits that annoy me, and it always looks fine - it's curly enough that it hides the mistakes.

After some experience, cutting curly hair becomes a lot easier. Curls aren't consistent from day to day — so when you get them cut wet and clean, they're being shaped in a way that allows you how to use a dry finish shear better style your hair going forward. Hair cuts to avoid would be bobs that are of one length and bangs that are bluntly cut.

This post is my experience with DIY trims, cuts and what to ask your regular" hair dresser when going for a curly cut. My little very curly haired girl is almost two and her hair is so curly that it is still close to her head in tight curls but when pulled strait it is past he shoulders in the back from the nap of her neck.

Finding a shape or length that suits your personal style is only the first step, the next is to find a curly hair stylist who can customize that look to suit your unique hair type. Hairstylists who specialize in cutting and styling natural curly and textured hair often charge much higher fees then hairstylists who have not trained in natural curl cutting.

If you have short, curly hair , part it to the side and curl with a rod. Hold the comb at a slight angle on the opposite side of your face to keep you from cutting the bangs too short. Make sure you comb all the loose hairs and get the hair as straight as possible.

Shai: Janaye has been growing out her hair from her original big chop 3 years ago when I cut it to remove all the dead straight hair. Every time I trim her hair I end up adding more layers on throughout the entire head. In 1994, Lorraine Massey opened her first curly hair salon called Devashan," also in NYC.
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